What our clients say

"I spent 5 weeks with Braeside Safaris in the summer of 2021. I went in with high expectations, and they were very quickly exceeded! The people, accommodations, and animals were all top notch! It was by far one of the best experiences of my life! Greg, Laura, Ashley, and Jo became great friends and I hope to be back very soon!" - Thanks,
Chase Neblett

"The ultimate Eastern Cape experience. Wonderful accommodations and amazing hospitality. The King family truly offers the best of the best. We hope to go back again and again." - Cole Cummans

"For years our friends Jim and Lori invited us to go to South Africa with them. They had what they called, "family friends" there, the Kings. Julie and I went and had the most perfect time we could have asked for - the food, the country, the hunting, the game reserves - it was all spectacular. I could go on about adventures forever, but just know that whatever you see, do, and experience, the King family will make it happen. We can't wait until our next trip. The Kings truly are our South African family." - Jonathan Ingber

"Thank you to the family at Braeside safaris for a wonderfull adventure we had."  - James Snelling - Aug 06, 2019

"Peaceful quiet environment away from all the busy city life. I really enjoyed my time at Braeside safaris!" - Robbin Hudson - June, 2019

"It was the first time out hunting and i have to say that it was a great experience." - Bradley Love - June 14, 2020

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