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Braeside Hunting Safaris in South Africa promises an exceptional plains game hunting safari experience. Family owned and managed, we have extensive knowledge in the hunting and hospitality fields. Having followed my hunting passion and guided Hunting Safaris for over 25 years, I can only promise to help make this a trip of a life time! Fluent in the locally spoken languages helps to ensure a high level of service too.

“Lodge along the river, giving you a feeling of total remoteness and tranquillity - “a hillside along the river”

We only take one hunter or hunting group at a time offering you our personal attention throughout your hunting safari with us. You will be met at the airport in either Port Elizabeth or East London and will be accompanied to your hunting destination. Your Safari will be based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa which is home to in excess of 30 species of game. The uniqueness and beauty of our hunting concessions make each day a new and exciting experience.

Braeside Hunting Safaris South Africa has access to 100 000 acres of hunting properties and concessions offering a wide variety of terrain teaming with plains game. The area is notorious for the Grey Rhebuck, locally known as the Vaal Rhebuck or Vaalribbok in Afrikaans. It is a species of Antelope endemic to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Swaziland. The Vaal Rhebuck is perhaps the most challenging South African antelope to hunt, a splendid game animal that is not found in all collections. We have reason to boast about the excellent Vaal Rhebuck trophies taken in our area. This is also Kudu country, our area boasting the highest density of these elusive animals in Africa.

The surrounding mountains envelop the lodge along the river, giving you a feeling of total remoteness and tranquillity. Thus the meaning of Braeside“a hillside along the river”. Our Hunters and Guests enjoy meals that are served either at the barbeque area along the river, or the open barbeque area under the clear African skies or more formally inside next to a log fire.

All our Hunting Safaris aim at both exceptional trophy quality and species choice in an environment that is not unduly confined nor contained. We believe the quality of a hunting experience can be gauged primarily by whom it is shared with.


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I received great quality service and will be definitely coming back soon!
#Braeside_Safari #Hunting

by Kwanda Ntsaluba - July 23, 2020

Thank you to the family at Braeside safaris for a wonderfull adventure we had.
#Eastern Cape #FunWasHad #Outdoors

by James Snelling - Aug 06, 2019

Peaceful quiet environment away from all the busy city life. I really enjoyed my time at Braeside safaris!
#Accommodation #GirlsThatHunt

by Robbin Hudson - June, 2019

It was the first time out hunting and i have to say that it was a great experiance.
#weapon #gun #webstrot

by Bradley Love - June 14, 2020

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